About Indoor Seas


Steelhead - a taste experience

Just to be clear, steelhead trout is in the salmonid family. The flesh color is a bright, reddish-orange, with a milder, sweeter, and less oily than salmon.

Thanks to its taste, texture, color and size, steelhead is often preferred to salmon.

We will be proudly farming this amazing fish to feed our communities. For us, it's personal.

Our seafood supply is overly reliant on imports, often traveling thousands of miles to reach consumers, which makes it neither resilient or sustainable.  Indoor Seas, will be a local farm producing safe, healthy and delicious fish right here in Texas. Our steelhead will become the epitome of local, grown in our community for our community.  


With a multiple-acre footprint, this large-scale, bio-secure and efficient facility will be the ultimate in advanced fish rearing technology.

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