About Indoor Seas

Steelhead Farm


Steelhead trout are traditionally raised in faraway places. Current domestic steelhead are sourced to markets from as far as Chile, Norway and Washington state requiring significant transit times, an unstable cold chain, resulting in reduced shelf life. 

Indoor Seas raises steelhead locally. Our proximity to markets ensures timely service, a managed cold chain with a minimal carbon footprint.  Our indoor farming technology eliminates any bio-security factors from or into the environment.


Glass-lined state-of-the-art grow out tanks

Stephen Barron

Since a very young age I have been fascinated with the ocean.  Certified diver,  avid fisherman, maintained complex aquariums. 

I am truly passionate and excited about Indoor Seas. Our goal is to be a leader within the seafood industry, and its impact on helping to heal our oceans and other aquatic ecosystems.  My previous 25 years has been spent in recycling, renewable energy, risk management and finance which has aided in formulating Indoor Seas business strategy.

We have assembled a world-class experienced team to bring our vision to market.  Our team is hard at work with plans to break ground the first half of 2021.


About RAS Systems

RAS systems constantly optimize water conditions to create the perfect environment for steelhead to thrive.  Our operations are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, monitoring water conditions, filtration levels and feed schedules. Our commitment to each fish, and a system specifically designed to maximize welfare allows for optimal growth. Mother nature provides the best feedback loop, fully grown fish are happy stress-free fish.


Our Steelhead have a formulated diet tailored for each stage of growth. With no predators and the benefit from perfect water conditions, our fish live a life fit for a queen. Indoor Seas is farming the right way, an aquaculture system that focuses on the fish.

By choosing to farm steelhead in our RAS tanks, we meet the GREEN ranking criteria for the stringent Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. It is a vote of confidence recognized by serious retailers and consumers across the US. All of our fish are hormone and antibiotic free, and fully traceable.

Rearing Steelhead in a RAS System

By controlling our cold-chain we ensure that our fresh-cut steelhead fillets will have a long shelf life, and just in time delivery which is vital to retailers. Indoor Seas will produce 7.5 million lbs. of  steelhead at our vertically integrated processing and streamlined RAS farm, consistently supplying fresh steelhead to the US market.